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Effortless Persuasion
Effortless Persuasion details all you need to know to understand what happens between your ideas and another person's decision. How to establish rapport so that you can create the desire and momentum towards your ideas, such as your solution, products, services or other matters that are important to you.

It’s an accessible essential guide that describes the processes which are supported by the current understandings in Neuroscience. It leverages decades of experience with neuro linguistic programming, sales and business leadership.

Throughout, it explores the granular details of mindset and language that directly affect human behaviour, specifically decisions. Persuasion and Influence are learnable skills, and this book provides the map so that you can easily navigate your way to success, one yes at a time.

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"This is the book I wish I could have read when starting out. In my view it's about being the best you can be. Especially in those make or break moments that can literally be life changing. The final interview for that dream job that will supercharge your career. The sales presentation for that multi million multi year sale. The interjection at a tense meeting that overcomes the final hurdle and starts the final glide downhill.  

Over many years I've worked out a few things that have been very helpful to me. For example a few years ago I started to tell myself 'I'm going to really enjoy this meeting and have fun' ahead of any important meeting. It had an immediate and huge effect. I was more relaxed, welcomed difficult questions and actually did have a lot more fun. Meetings just went better and so did results. But that's just one jigsaw piece. Effortless Persuasion gives you the whole jigsaw. Not just one or two pieces but the whole jigsaw, how and why the pieces fit together, and how to make them work for you.

This book is a gift - and it is the gift I will give to everyone I know starting out in their career."

James Lascelles
Author, 3D Workplace

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